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mailgate products

The Mailgate Product Range

Mailgate provides a range of mail/proxy software, comprising POP3 connector, spam filter, and mail server software.

Add POP3 collection to your SMTP mail server, POPWeasel accommodates configurable mail handling techniques. You can specify multiple POP accounts to collect from, apply header field routing, and filter out specified addresses.
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Internet connectivity on a single connection. Provides both a mail server and proxy gateway server for your LAN. Highly configurable e-mail handling, Web access with URL filters for restrictions, and create proxies for just about anything.
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SpamWeasel Pro Now FREE
A powerful spam mail filter utility to add to your POP3 e-mail client software or your mail server (except MailGate mail server, see MailGate Extension Modules below). Invisibly intercepts and sorts your spam mail according to flexible preset rules.

This product is now available free from www.mailgate.com
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