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mail server & proxy server
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Internet connectivity on a single connection. Provides both a mail server and proxy gateway server for your LAN. Highly configurable e-mail handling, Web access with URL filters for restrictions, and create proxies for just about anything.
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MailGate can be expanded via Extension Modules that can be seperately added to your MailGate system.

Mail Manager Extension
Spam Filter Extension
Virus Scanner Extension
Mail Log Extension
List Server Extension
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MailGate is a mail server, including a proxy server to handle all Internet traffic, allowing you to take full control of all e-mail and Internet access on your network. Easy to set up, MailGate can provide individual mailboxes and Web access to everyone on your network - in minutes. MailGate can be used with broadband or dial-up connections, and provides a single entry/exit point for all Internet traffic.

  • Comprehensive mail server for managing all your e-mail.
  • Send local mail without the need to access the Internet.
  • Web proxy for full Web browsing access.
  • FTP Proxy for FTP gateway services.
  • Proxies supporting Socks, Real Audio/Video, Liquid Audio, NNTP, Telnet, and a custom proxy feature.
  • Powerful scheduler for Internet mail collection and delivery.
  • Server based auto-reply to incoming messages.
  • Server based automatic deletion of mail.
  • Mail forwarding capability.
  • Collects mail from unlimited ISP POP accounts.
  • Mailbox alias feature - combine different addresses into one mailbox.
  • Highly configurable mail sorting rules.
  • Backup and restore configuration.
  • Load mailboxes from a separate text file list.
  • Provide password protected Web access: log who goes where, filter out unsuitable Websites.
  • Divert large e-mails.
  • Excessive connection alert.
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Mail Manager, and Mail Log extension modules, now available singly with the Mailgate Starter Licence or come included in the new Corporate MailGate Licence.
The Corporate MailGate Licence includes all available extension modules except the List Server Extension.

The MailGate Starter Licence excludes the extensions, but allows you to buy any extension(s) as desired. All extensions are included in the MailGate download file, and can be run for a free evaluation period of 30 days, which comprise:

Mail Manager Extension
Productivity enhancing tool to manage your mail.
Spam Filter Extension
Provides a spam filtering solution for MailGate.
Virus Scanner Extension
Integrates third party Anti-Virus software into MailGate.
Mail Log Extension
Provides enhanced mail and proxy logging, for use with the Netalyzer for MailGate product.
List Server Extension
Allows MailGate sites to communicate easily and efficiently using client lists and to set up bulletin services.

For a detailed description of what MailGate can do, check out MailGate at www.mailgate.com.

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