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POP3 connector
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POP3 connector utility, adds POP3 collection to your SMTP mail server. POPWeasel accommodates configurable mail handling techniques. You can specify multiple POP accounts to collect from, apply header field routing, and filter out specified addresses.
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POPWeasel - POP3 Connector

A simple to use POP3 connector utility to add POP3 mail collection to most SMTP mail servers (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino).

  • Mail Collection from an unlimited number of POP3 accounts.
  • Schedule POP3 collections as frequently as you like.
  • Highly powerful and flexible mail routing process.
  • Pass POP3 e-mail on to SMTP enabled servers, such as Lotus Notes/Domino and MS Exchange/Exchange 2000/Exchange 2003/Exchange 2007.
  • Command line driven for simple system integration.
  • Easy to configure with our setup application.
  • Multithreading means that POPWeasel is able to collect from multiple POP3 accounts at the same time.
  • Extensive logging capabilities assist with problem solving.
  • Superb administration utility allows rapid diagnostics.
Mail Handling
A simple to use POP3 connector utility, POPWeasel adds POP3 mail collection to most SMTP mail servers.

Easy to configure with multiple POP3 accounts to collect from. Once started, POPWeasel collects e-mail from each POP3 account, reads the headers, and routes the e-mail to your mail server for distribution to your users.

Highly configurable routing options mean that POPWeasel is great at making sure e-mail gets to the intended recipients. You can specify which headers to route by, including the order of preference; alter the recipient's e-mail address (e.g. replace the domain name) before routing; remove occurences of characters/words from the extracted recipient's address (e.g. remove 'account%' from ' accout%user@domain.com').

With a flexible and powerful diagnostic tool allowing real-time viewing of the comprehensive log files with optional filtering, real-time monitoring and troubleshooting the POP3 mail collection and SMTP processes is made easy.

The way it works
POPWeasel can be initiated on a schedule via any scheduler software (e.g. Windows Scheduled Tasks). Alternatively, a simple batch file can be set up to initiate POPWeasel (and initiate a dial-up connection if Broadband is not available). Once a collection is complete, mail is then sent from POPWeasel via SMTP to your mail server, which in turn will accept the mail the same way as if it was straight from your ISP.

POPWeasel is a single product and has no user limitations.

For more information check out POPWeasel at www.mailgate.com.

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