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OpenHand SoHosted
OpenHand SoHosted is the perfect solution if you do not host your own email server.
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OpenHand SoHosted

The SoHosted Mobile e-mail solution provides all of the market leading functionality of the OpenHand Enterprise solution for those companies unable to justify the disproportionate cost of their own email server.

As well as giving you live access to all your e-mails, SoHosted also provides you and your colleagues with a fully-hosted service, allowing you to securely store your various documents on the resilient OpenHand servers. This means that you are able to retreive, edit, store, and forward your documents, contacts, tasks, calendar, etc. The service is available 24/7 from any SoHosted compatible device, whether it is a mobile device or PC, as well as from any browser, anywhere in the world, via Outlook Web Access.

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Full information on OpenHand can be found in the features section.

Take a 14-day trial of SoHosted.

  • One user licence includes all client versions of OpenHand - this means that OpenHand can be accessed on a PDA, laptop and home PC, all for the price of one licence.
  • You are not limited to the memory of your handset or device. You have unlimited access to every one of your emails in your server's inbox, folders, public folders and sent items.
  • Attachments can be downloaded in their original format and edited. Your amended documents can then be easily sent using OpenHand.
  • For extra security your emails are displayed live from your server meaning that they do not have to be synchronised or downloaded to your mobile device.
  • When you are out and about OpenHand's "server side" forwarding of attachments, documents and files allows you to immediately respond to your customer's requests for information, as well as minimising your data costs.
  • Most mobile phone and other smart device platforms are supported together with all major mobile networks, so there is no lock-in to proprietary devices and networks.
  • Worldwide connectivity, Beijing to Beirut, Cayman Islands to Capri - wherever you are - OpenHand is available.

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