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Aladesc Business Groupware
Provides an inexpensive alternative to a Microsoft Exchange/Outlook setup, enabling you to provide shared facilities to your network.
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Aladesc business groupware

Provides group calendars, co-ordinates staff and physical resources and assists with project management. Enables efficient processing of e-mail workload with server based mailboxes, contact lists and messaging. Offers a workflow capability with templates and document routing.

Aladesc Groupware for business users. These products integrate with MailGate and other mail servers.
  • Diaries - Comprehensive diaries for users and resources.
  • Tasks - Complete Task Management System plus task progress.
  • Contacts - Hold detailed information about Contacts and track all Activities with them.
  • Planner - Create Planners to manage holidays and projects.
  • Meetings - Use Aladesc to arrange your meetings, find slots,send invites and manage Agendas and Minutes.
  • Alerts - Use electronic Alerts to keep track of missed telephone calls and to communicate in an instant with other members of the workgroup.
  • Email - Everything you'd expect in a fully featured Email system plus filtering, rules processing, re-direct, and some other great features.
  • Case Management - Create a 'Case' and add information to it then give access to the users you want to share the information with, it's simple.
  • Quick Launch - Create different 'Desktops' and add applications to them. Deploy server-based applications on all PC's running Aladesc with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Web Browser - Aladesc integrates with whatever browser is installed on your PC.
  • Reports & Enquiries - Perform powerful searches and create reports easily.
  • Full Spell Checking - Includes an 'as you type' spell checker throughout the application.
  • Supervisor Functions - Provides you with control where you need it, but needn't become a major overhead.
There is an Aladesc Groupware Plus product the additional features for this are listed below.
  • CRM Information - Allows additional information to be stored for each contact. The type of information that's needed when managing your relationships and therefore your business.
  • Follow-ups - Keep track of client commitments by creating a 'Follow-up' and putting it into a users workqueue. Follow-ups can be created from a variety of information such as Activities, Tasks and Emails.
  • Document Management - Create templates and manage letters and emails across the workgroup.
  • Attachments & Images - Add pictures, scanned documents and other files to Aladesc and link them to information in the database.
  • Advanced Searching - An extremely powerful search engine that will accept complex criteria and deliver the results in double quick time.

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