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Sophos WS1000 Web Security Appliance

The WS1000 Web Security Appliance blocks spyware, viruses, malware and unwanted applications at the gateway and enables comprehensive web access control for safe, productive web browsing.

WS1000 Web Security Appliance

  • Safer web browsing with full-spectrum threat protection
  • Simple and easy enforcement of acceptable internet use policies
  • Seamless user experience
  • Eliminates administrative complexity
  • Ideal for up to 1000 users

Spyware, virus and unwanted content protection

Protects against all web-based threats

Complete protection against spyware, viruses, worms, malware, unwanted applications and undesirable websites from a single appliance, designed and supported by Sophos.

The fastest scanning engine available

Our award-winning full spectrum detection engine blocks all threats using advanced risk-sensitive scanning to enhance performance and deliver a safe and seamless user experience.

Simple web access control

The WS1000 eliminates dangerous and unproductive web browsing with our innovative bi-dimensional URL classification system.

Powered by SophosLabs™

Our global network of threat detection labs constantly analyzes a database of billions of web pages, uncovering thousands of new malicious URLs every day. We update Sophos appliances with protection against these new and emerging threats every 5 minutes.

System management

"Three clicks to anywhere" interface

Easy web-based management console delivers unrivaled insight and control, while the unique dashboard presents all vital system statistics on a single page.

Unified browsing policy management

Complete security policy easily controlled via the web-based management console means less administrative effort.

User reporting

Reporting on suspect machines, security and content filtering performance by user means greater insight and control over web traffic and its impact on your organization.

Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange integration

The WS1000 takes advantage of the industry-standard user/group authentication system for quick and easy access control and policy deployment.

Performance and availability

Built-in proxy

A single point of entry on the World Wide Web simplifies network administration.

Built-in cache

Local storage of the most frequently-accessed websites accelerates the end-user experience and reduces bandwidth consumption.

Proactive heartbeat monitoring

Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that we listen for connection failures to ensure every WS1000 continuously receives protection updates, and we'll contact you to initiate resolution of any problems.

On-demand remote assistance

Get extra help from our highly trained technical staff with on-demand assistance via a secure connection.

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