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IronMail IM

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IronMail Appliance

IronMail IM
Instant-Messaging security solution.
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IronMail IM

The first ever hardware based Instant Messaging security solution for your network.

Instant messaging presents enterprises with a completely new set of threats to network security, bandwidth availability and program compatibility. Whether due to the always-on nature of IM, lack of monitoring tools, known vulnerabilities or multiple protocols used by different vendors, businesses looking to incorporate IM into their communication strategies must address these issues logically and with an eye on maximizing security without sacrificing any of the technology’s benefits. To help enterprises combat the threats presented by unchecked instant messaging, CipherTrust developed the IronIM™ instant messaging security appliance.

IronIM Overview
The CipherTrust IronIM instant messaging security appliance is the first and only solution that integrates policy to secure, log, monitor and encrypt enterprise IM communications. IronIM provides administrators with increased control from a single management platform to eliminate risks from IM-borne threats, ensure compliance with various industry and government regulations, and monitor for information leakage or other policy violations.

IronIM supports multiple instant messaging standards (including AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and corporate IM solutions including Microsoft LCS and IBM SameTime) and does not require deployment of a new IM client.

Integrated Policy Enforcement
IronIM offers a simple, easy-to-use GUI interface for administrators to set and enforce defined corporate policies company-wide or at the LDAP group level.

Automatic Encryption
Secure communications are critical in the business environment and required by certain government regulations. IronIM is the only gateway solution that automatically encrypts intra-company and inter-company conversations, files and content transparent to the IM service, without requiring end-user involvement.

Protection from Inbound Threats
IronIM is a hardened gateway security appliance, providing the most effective protection against inbound messaging threats before they enter the corporate network.

IronIM monitors and logs all instant messaging traffic. Via its easy-to-use interface, administrators can set archiving policies and search for old content.

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