We have made it our mission to provide all of our customers with a quality personal service, delivering each product in a fast, friendly, and efficient way.

product support

Product support

First-line and pre-sales support for all of our products.

Vendor support

Second-line support direct from the software manufacturers is available for all products.

Telephone support

Limited telephone support is available by contacting our sales offices. Full support is only available by email. Please use the form on the contact page.

Product Training

We currently provide training courses on Internet Technology and the MailGate mail server product.

training course

Product Training

Internet Mail & MailGate Software

Training comprises a two-day course run on consecutive working days.

Day One
Internet Technology - an Overview.

Objective - to gain an understanding of the technologies involved when using products such as MailGate.
  • TCP/IP - To understand the basic principles of TCP/IP communications.
    Proxies and Firewalls - Introduction to the operation of these gateways and how they differ.
  • SMTP Mail - A detailed study of the SMTP protocol and commands used.
    The anatomy of an email - A detailed look at the structure of mail data files.
  • POP3 Mail - A detailed study of the POP3 protocol and commands used.

Day Two
Installing, configuring and using MailGate.

Objective - To understand how to install and configure MailGate and it's extension modules.

A detailed study of the installation and operation of the MailGate software. This includes understanding the processes used when handling mail, and hints and tips on getting the best from the extension modules.

Further information

To qualify for free support you need at least to attend the MailGate course. This entitles you to one year's free support from the Open Access telephone help desk.

The cost is 250.00 plus VAT for the complete course.

Special reduced rates apply to Open Access Resellers - details on request.

Please contact us for information on course dates.
Overnight accommodation is available locally from 35.00 - details on application.

Travel info

There's a direct rail link to Saxmundham from Ipswich, which links to London the Midlands and E Anglia mainline services. By road take the A14/A12 to Saxmundham and Leiston.

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